King Trading is the only Swimwear Company situated in Bali to hold an exemption certificate against tax & duty on the importation of fabrics on the condition we export the clothing to an overseas port. Every other producer in Bali will be landing their fabrics at approx. double our costs. You as a client can decide when you’re working with King Trading to use in your Swimwear or Bikini lines a choice of locally available swim fabrics, off the shelf ready stocks, or of a higher quality roll based fabric from Italy such as Carvico using their re-cycled fabric called Vita made from re-claimed fishing nets or other post-consumer nylon waste. There are also other suppliers such as Euro Jersey, supplying high quality swim and activewear fabrics that you might like to checkout. For swimwear brands wanting to print motifs, we can now offer a re-cycled nylon made by an American supplier These fabrics we digitally print using Italian MS digital ink jet printers, the very best you can find globally. You can see here

We are a one stop shop for all types of Swim & Bikini wear. Our team of dedicated technical staff & management are here to assist in every way to ensure your swim line is produced to the highest possible standard in Bali.


A good hand over means faster-estimated prices & also quicker sampling as per your swim design requests. Due to a large increase in new customers coming into King Trading desiring to utilize our facility to import Italian Fabrics tax and duty-free, we do request that your hand over is easily & clearly understandable. The best handovers are sent to us as a PDF file with all your data within, showing your styles, prints or plains & each style coded. We also work with other formats such as web links showing shapes with changes noted, or spec sheets as well as line drawings, but line drawings are the least desirable and the hardest to work with. Ideally, you will know at this stage the fabric you have chosen, but not critical. You will need to advise us at this point which items will be plain or printed.

Having this information will enable us to speed through the costings & enable better communication throughout the sampling process. For print handovers, we require a resolution of 300 dpi saved as TIFF, PSD, PDF or Ai format. Should the files be too large to email, then the likes of “WeTransfer” is suitable. Any assistance at this stage please ask us. Chances are our in-house graphic team are able to assist.




Carvico, Vita

We mention Vita as its made from re-cycled fishing nets & by far the most popular swim fabric in 2016. Go to the link above & click “Find a fabric”, type in “Vita” where you can read all about its attributes. Superb Luxury fabric which lays very flat upon production, no bunching at the seams, chlorine & UV protection factor 50, meaning the colors won’t fade easily & you won’t burn under the suit. Both Carvico the fabric supplier as well as ECONYL the yarn producer (both located in Milan) provide free hang tags that we handle for you upon your bulk order. Up to four tags per meter will be provided, giving your brand a definite edge over the competition.



Locally available fabric is a similar weight and hand feel to Carvico but without the attributes such as UV & chlorine protection. Made from nylon spandex, non-re-cycled and no hang tags provided. Freely available from the supplier in Bali.



As time is always the essence when sampling or producing collections due to the technical nature of swimwear, its always best to plan well in advance. Allow more time than you would normally for any other type of clothing sampling.

Assuming at this point, you are clear on your shapes & you have informed us your choice of fabric, whether plain or printed, then it’s at this point that we will proceed to estimate your prices.

Average price bikini sets or one piece swimmers

Local fabric $20-22 USD

Italian fabrics $21-24 USD

Digital print $24-26 USD


Once you have approved your estimated prices, we begin to make your collection.

We charge 4 x estimated wholesale price & a bond of US$50 per style that is credited back to you upon order of 100 + per style.

For more complicated styles, we may charge an additional fee of US$50, which is one-off cost.
Patterns & Grading are all free with King Trading, making us by far the cheapest professional swim maker in Bali.
Up to 20 styles can be made in 4-6 weeks unless they are particularly complicated such as cups, straps or wires, in which case we may need additional time.

If you requested printed fabrics or any specialty hardware or packaging, as this is by far the longest part of the process, you really need to address this at the very start of your sampling.

Once completed, we can send to your home or business address via our DHL account or any courier account. Alternatively, you can come by and pick them up in Bali. Note: for goods that are picked up in Bali or not sent overseas by King Trading, an additional 10% local sales tax will be added to your invoice.

Normally, most sample handovers are organized remotely, & only once the samples are near to completion would you come to Bali to randomly check your order. If travel to Bali is impractical for you, then once you have received your sample collection, we will hold a Skype meeting to review any edits that we may need to go over.


Once the final PPS (Pre-Production Samples) are approved, then we are ready to go to bulk.

MOQ: 100pcs per style • up to 3 colour ways
10 pcs per colour and size
1,000 pcs per PO (ex: 500 bikini sets)

As a guide we require 4-6 weeks per sample collection & 5-10 weeks for bulk orders. Once we are working together thereafter new sample & production lead times normally come down. However, a lot depends upon elements such as:
– Plain or Printed fabrics. Printed can often take longer.
– Imported fabrics from overseas, such as Carvico from Italy.
– Specialty branded hardware
– Branded packaging such as bio-degradable plastic ziplock bags.

Quality Control.

STEP ONE. Check size specifications & insuring neat stitching.

STEP TWO. The QC team works under special magnifiers & lights to spot any small blemishes or imperfections.

STEP THREE. To final QC supervisors who will randomly put your stlyes onto a tailor’s dummies to ensure a perfect fit. At this point should any imperfections be spotted, we go back to step 1.

STEP FOUR. Each piece is then individually packed into a poly-bag with a small silicone chip to absorb any moisture etc & into the boxes to be sent by Air Freight or Courier to your desired address.

NOTE : We bar tag most of the branding now, pls mention at start if you require. It’s very simple with King Trading.


​We will provide you a packing list detailing the total amount of pieces in each box showing code, colour & style. If the fabrics were imported, then King Trading must export the swimwear through a Cargo Agent in Bali. We use a company called Krishna Cargo who will happily provide a price much cheaper than any courier to the airport nearest to your work or home delivery address through a clearance broker. Should you have never handled this before then it’s all quite simple and we will assist in every way from our side to ensure a speedy delivery to your door. For information on a reputable agent in your country, we have many contacts we have used globally. From our factory to your door takes normally 5-7 working days. If you used local fabric from Bali in your production then we can use any courier, for example, DHL, either using your account or our company account. Takes 3 to 4 working days.


Hardwares should be addressed at the start of your order.

Without your heat pressed logo which we import from China, we cant start your swimwear production. All accessories such as nickel-free, salt-water resistant, electro-plated metal takes in the region of 4-6 weeks to produce from your deposit to delivery to our office in Bali.

It’s important to note that something as small as a little clip can delay things meaning we tackle any metal or packaging requests at start. For branded logos, washing instructions, sizing, etc mostly clients prefer to be heat-pressed into the back of your swimwear as opposed to using conventional labeling.


So thank you for taking the time to read through all & we do hope this has been of some assistance in getting you to the point of where you are more sure about your swim line choices.

Below you can download the complete guide so you can read through at any time & also at the bottom of the page you may like to send us an email with any requests which we are sure to follow up in a day or two

We wish good luck & good selling with your brand

King Trading Team

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